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FORD RACING NEON CLOCKDiscontinued - See dozens more neon clocks in our store Our Neon Clocks feature a hand blown ring of real glass neon, generating 25 watts of light. The neon clocks have glass faces and feature chrome finished, multi-tiered art...

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Mustang Alarm Clock

$29.00 $25.00

MUSTANG ALARM CLOCK The Mustang Alarm Clock will definitely rouse you from slumber! The dial features the 1965 2+2 Fastback and 2015 Fastback models. As an added bonus, the clock includes a distinct Mustang car engine sound alarm that is guaranteed to...

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Neon & LED Lamp Tester


Neon and LED Lamp Test ToolThis Neon & LED Lamp Tester is a great addition to your neon collection. Like to shop at swap meets for used neons? Use this tool to know what you are buying!We take the time to inspect, load batteries and hand test every...

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